Photo credit: @lights_camera_jackson

This Photography Thing You know over the years I've often pondered my fixation with photography. Honestly, is it a passion, is it a love, is it a hobby or is it a habit? As I've considered the answers to these questions one thing is certain photography has become many things during my journey with a camera.

There have been periods where I have been intensely serious as an artist where everything I did was with the objective of getting technically better as a photographer. There have been other periods where my primary objective was to monetize this photography thing. And yet other times where my camera has collected dust for months even years.

So, as I reflect it still is not clear what this photography thing means to me. However, there are something’s I know for sure, photography is something I look forward to, photography challenges me and photography also gives me something to do when I am bored. I know that does not sound like a raving endorsement but ultimately I get a great deal of joy from photography.

It is very interesting evaluating how something fits into your life. I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing to dig to deeply with everything for fear of uncovering something uncomfortable but for those things that have consumed us for years there maybe some good self-discovery.

Now I'm not trying to get all deep with my thoughts on how photography has impacted my life but the influence has been undeniable and I am interested in where this journey will go.

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