kendel_mpeg_imageGone are the days where a contact sheet and a folder with an 8×10 print and a few 5×7 prints was considered a client package. Today we are social media driven and video has become part of the expectation especially with today’s generation.

Video can be a useful tool in helping generate more income for your photography business. Plus, it provides added value to your clients. Not only are you providing great images but you can supplement your photo package with video thus charging more.

There are two ways that I use video: the first is documenting the photo shoot. This is helpful to me as well as the potential model/client. It shows what happens on an actual shoot. You can focus on the model posing, the MUA (make-up artist) doing their work, the assistants working with lighting/reflectors and you the photographer directing it all. With this type of video documentary you’re able to use this to market your photography business when prospecting for new clients. If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is worth 10,000.

neva_mpeg_imageThe second type of video is purely from a creative perspective. This type video requires your creative interpretation of your vision as an artist. Now, I realize this is more advanced because you are doing more than just documenting what’s happening on set/location but rather you’re having to do more creative editing in post production. Sure, it will require more time but the results for both you and your client can be very rewarding.

I’ve included examples of both video techniques in this post. The top video thumbnail with model Kendel is more documenting the shoot. The second video thumbnail with model Neva is a creative work that documents the vision I had for our shoot.

Once you click on each video thumbnail scroll to the bottom of each page to view video.


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