How To Find Models To Photograph

In this video I share a simple technique of using a business card to get models to schedule with you. It’s a tried and true method and it works. All you need is the confidence to share your photography business with potential clients. It’s free and it’s a way to build your business while only approaching clients you’d like to work with.

At the end of the video I actually share video footage of a photo shoot with a model using the exact technique.


Makeup Artists – On Photo Shoots

stopdowngallery_mua-3I often hear photographers brag about their Photoshop skills in post editing but honestly who wants to spend unnecessary time editing 10 blemishes off someones face? Not to mention doing it on 40 head-shots. Makeup artists can be a valuable commodity on set or location and should be utilized if possible.

Why You Need A MUA

You need more makeup for photography. The camera tends to wipe away or wash out makeup especially if strobes/flash is used. A MUA will have the proper coverage products to do the job. Just packing on extra doesn’t work – you need more coverage, more pigment, different colors.

From the photographers perspective the better the image out of camera the less time spent in post editing.

stopdowngallery_mua-2Third, ultimately your clients will be happy if the photos look great. Lots of women feel more comfortable when they’ve ‘got their face on’ and the hair & makeup process eases them into their session. They feel pampered and fussed over and that, in turn, will make them more confident for their session and happier with the results. Plus, your business will seem more obliging and thoughtful and clients always appreciate the extras.

How To Find A MUA

For the record, let me mention that a beautician is not a makeup artist. A hair stylist is not a makeup artist. A cosmetologist is not a makeup artist. A veterinarian is not a makeup artist (get the point?) A makeup artist is a makeup artist. And not all MUA’s do hair. Personally, I would find someone who does both for the full effect.

stopdowngallery_mua-1Online – there are a few different sites where you can find talent of all sorts. I use Model Mayhem to find makeup jobs in my area. Find a makeup artistry school near you with students looking for experience.

The main thing is be creative, network and this will hopefully connect you with MUA that you can collaborate with.