How To Find Models To Photograph

In this video I share a simple technique of using a business card to get models to schedule with you. It’s a tried and true method and it works. All you need is the confidence to share your photography business with potential clients. It’s free and it’s a way to build your business while only approaching clients you’d like to work with.

At the end of the video I actually share video footage of a photo shoot with a model using the exact technique.


Makeup Artists – On Photo Shoots

stopdowngallery_mua-3I often hear photographers brag about their Photoshop skills in post editing but honestly who wants to spend unnecessary time editing 10 blemishes off someones face? Not to mention doing it on 40 head-shots. Makeup artists can be a valuable commodity on set or location and should be utilized if possible.

Why You Need A MUA

You need more makeup for photography. The camera tends to wipe away or wash out makeup especially if strobes/flash is used. A MUA will have the proper coverage products to do the job. Just packing on extra doesn’t work – you need more coverage, more pigment, different colors.

From the photographers perspective the better the image out of camera the less time spent in post editing.

stopdowngallery_mua-2Third, ultimately your clients will be happy if the photos look great. Lots of women feel more comfortable when they’ve ‘got their face on’ and the hair & makeup process eases them into their session. They feel pampered and fussed over and that, in turn, will make them more confident for their session and happier with the results. Plus, your business will seem more obliging and thoughtful and clients always appreciate the extras.

How To Find A MUA

For the record, let me mention that a beautician is not a makeup artist. A hair stylist is not a makeup artist. A cosmetologist is not a makeup artist. A veterinarian is not a makeup artist (get the point?) A makeup artist is a makeup artist. And not all MUA’s do hair. Personally, I would find someone who does both for the full effect.

stopdowngallery_mua-1Online – there are a few different sites where you can find talent of all sorts. I use Model Mayhem to find makeup jobs in my area. Find a makeup artistry school near you with students looking for experience.

The main thing is be creative, network and this will hopefully connect you with MUA that you can collaborate with.

Bunny Rose Sins Girls Magazine

Sins Girls CoverCongratulation to Bunny Rose! Recently Bunny and I did a pinup style shoot and she submitted a few of the images to Sins Girls Magazine that where included in her photo feature. This is why we do what we do. A little work and a photo feature is possible for you too. To see Bunny’s photos from the magazine click the link below or click on the magazine thumbnail. And remember keep shooting and submitting those photos!

Bunny’s Featured Photos

Video Can Enhance Your Photography Business

kendel_mpeg_imageGone are the days where a contact sheet and a folder with an 8×10 print and a few 5×7 prints was considered a client package. Today we are social media driven and video has become part of the expectation especially with today’s generation.

Video can be a useful tool in helping generate more income for your photography business. Plus, it provides added value to your clients. Not only are you providing great images but you can supplement your photo package with video thus charging more.

There are two ways that I use video: the first is documenting the photo shoot. This is helpful to me as well as the potential model/client. It shows what happens on an actual shoot. You can focus on the model posing, the MUA (make-up artist) doing their work, the assistants working with lighting/reflectors and you the photographer directing it all. With this type of video documentary you’re able to use this to market your photography business when prospecting for new clients. If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is worth 10,000.

neva_mpeg_imageThe second type of video is purely from a creative perspective. This type video requires your creative interpretation of your vision as an artist. Now, I realize this is more advanced because you are doing more than just documenting what’s happening on set/location but rather you’re having to do more creative editing in post production. Sure, it will require more time but the results for both you and your client can be very rewarding.

I’ve included examples of both video techniques in this post. The top video thumbnail with model Kendel is more documenting the shoot. The second video thumbnail with model Neva is a creative work that documents the vision I had for our shoot.

Once you click on each video thumbnail scroll to the bottom of each page to view video.


The Photoshop Controversy

Neva Before After


I can remember the good old days of film photography where other than a little dodging and burning in the darkroom, what you see is what you get. But today with the popularity of photo editing software like Photoshop a controversy has developed. Many ask should images be edited, a little, a lot or not at all?

As this controversy continues many of today’s celebrities are beginning to speak out against retouching of their photos. There is also a movement to add a disclaimer to all commercial photos to let the public know the image has been edited. Similar to the warning label on cigarette packages.

The question will always remain is an edited image art or photography? I guess we’ll all have to decide for ourselves. I’ve added some samples of my own Photoshop images for you to view please leave me a comment and let me know your opinion.

ashley_profile We’ve been down this road before… remember the question what is art? This would undoubtedly spark a discussion about who interprets art or trash. Clearly it’s all very subjective. This discussion is only beginning so I guess we’ll have be our own judge in deciding what we like.   Checkout my Photoshop Samples.

Amber Merideth Suicide Girl Hopeful

amber_calvariaAs a photographer you get to work on lots of fun projects and meet really cool and interesting people. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Amber, AKA Calvaria and she is a joy. She came to me with aspirations of becoming a Suicide Girl. She has submitted one of our sets of images and is currently a Hopeful.

Suicide Girls is a website that features pin-up photography and profiles of alternative female models who are known as the “Suicide Girls”. The site functions as an online community with member profiles, member blogs, and the option to join networking groups based upon interests. Suicide Girls also features interviews with people from popular and alternative culture, user-submitted news articles, and an online merchandise store. Access to most of the site requires a paid membership.

amber_suicidegirls-1If you’d like to view some of the submitted photos click this link. Amber is one of the most down to earth models I’ve worked with and I wish her well and look forward to working with her on other future projects.


Photographing Two Models At Once

akira_ashley-5 Whether photographing couples, siblings or groups, this type photograph can be tricky if you are not prepared. Get a clear understanding of what the expected outcome is for both or all models involved. Make sure your equipment is ready to go. And have a backup plan if plan one doesn’t work. That’s exactly what happened on a shoot last summer with Akira and Ashley. The first location was closed so we quickly had to shoot at our second choice. The shoot went well and everyone was happy with the end results.

If you’ve only worked with one model challenge yourself and go for two or more it can be a fun and creative experience.